Furniture reupholstery is an art and craft. It is a specialized skill that one must have a passion for because it is so detailed, delicate, and time consuming. Niola Furniture Upholstery Service is your one-stop shop for all furniture restoration services. We offer kitchen furniture reupholstery, living room reupholstery, and specialize in sofa reupholstery.

The finished output of furniture upholstery is a newfound sense of euphoria. It adds character and reveals the personality of its maker. Niola Furniture Upholstery Service caters custom upholstery for your furniture. When it comes to adding character, Niola Furniture Upholstery Service doesn’t take second chances. Our upholstery repair shop is home to an array of experts knowledgeable of the trends and techniques in creating better upholstery.

For the best sofa reupholstery services in Minneapolis, MN call Niola Furniture Upholstery Service today!

Reupholstery Service in Minneapolis, MN